Got to Get Out

The negativity
Hits me like a battering ram
Crashing against my brain
It’s stooping me low

I’m trapped
Trapped in this house
Trapped in my mind
It’s stooping me low

If I leave
Always they must know
Where I will go
Its stooping me low

I’m trapped I’ve got to get out
I’ve got to get away from the questions
The endless negativity and hurt
I’ve got to get out
I’ve got to be free
To stand in the outside world
On my own two feet
All alone


Beautiful How I Knew You

I saw your latest picture today
The one of the new you
You said you had slimmed down
I was dreading this day

Of course I could not say
That I missed the old you
You are happier this way
Of this I’m glad to say

Of course it’s not my business now
It has been for far too long
But I cannot help feel
That I miss the rest of you

You were beautiful that way


Your laughter rings in my ears
Relentlessly crashing against my feeble ego
It rises to a crashing crescendo
Hammering my soul into the soft earth

Your mocking smile flashes in my face
Mercilessly sneering at my every decision
It bears hard down upon me
Laying me low into the pit of despair

I’m crawling now on my hands and knees
Begging for it all to end
I cannot but soldier on and on
Your laughter ringing in my ears